Friday, March 16, 2012

woodsy run

Jen invited me for coffee this morning.
I had to run first.
Chris mentioned that maybe I would want to do my run in the metroparks, since it was that way and all.
It was so serenely nice.
I can't even tell you.

I ran my very fastest 1.5.
and this is terrible embarrasing,
I saw a set of steps across the street, just as the training montage for Rocky came on spotify.

Yes.  Yes I did.
I upped and down those steps the entire song.
The last one, I almost threw my arms up in a "rocky at the top of the steps in Philly" way, but decided I had already met my corny quota for the day.

What I failed to remember was how downhill I had been running.  To get back to my car, it was uphill all the way.
Let's just say, there were no personal bests happening on the way back.

I did get some good exercise.
And 3 more miles were added to the Lent miles.

Rocky Balboa would be proud.

1 comment:

fleetfeet said...

Love it. No joke...I've been there in corniness myself.

You rock.

Let's hope for more good weather so we can enjoy the serenity just a bit more.