Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, it finally happened.
We had us some nice weather!
We got to open the windows and everything.

This boy was in HEAVEN!
 Chris went golfing so E and I headed to the zoo.
In shorts!
The deal was, we would play hard until 2 but then Mommy was going to watch the Masters.
She agreed.

We were happy to be in the sunshine.
 She tweaked her ankle last week and has had an on again off again limp.
So I decided we should rent a stroller for some of the walking.
She wasn't happy at first, but then realized how nice a little push was every so often.
Dr. appt. today for said limp.
 Last year she was terrified of these birds.
This year, she is feeding them.
 Then when Daddy got home, we had a massive club cleaning party...
 and practiced our swing.
(don't look at my yard, I have some work to do...)
 Then we headed to the park for some last minute sun.
(notice the 3rd outfit change.)
 And she rode her bike so fast she was a blur.
It was a good Sunday.
And Charl Shwartzel won the Masters.
I know.
But he seems like a nice enough guy.
So good for him.


Shannon said...

Ellie's clothes changing obsession cracks me up!! I love it!

C. Beth said...

Sounds like a fun day--but be sure to update us on the ankle. Poor kiddo!

forever folding laundry said...

That second outfit is hilarious!
Love it!

Saw on fb that her ankle is ok.
So glad!


Lisa said...

I was totally not looking at your yard...I was looking at Ellie's outfit :) Love it! Like always :)