Thursday, April 7, 2011

fruit salad

We have very lazy mornings.
Which I love.
So I am always amazed at how hurried we are to get out the door.
We relax just titch too long most mornings.

Yesterday we had to go to Target before school and I told Ellie she could have a pizza there for lunch.
She hooped and hollered.
Then proceeded to inform me that pizza isn't terribly healthy and she should make a fruit salad so she would have something healthy to go with it.

That's my girl.

Then she told me it would be much healthier if she made it.
From start to finish.

What the heck.
We had about 37 seconds to spare.

So we got all the stuff out and she made herself a little fruit salad.

I love this kid.

And we tried a new hairdo.
I desperately need to take a "little girls cute hairdo" class.
I am not very good at doing her hair.
There is a little girl in her class who we call Abby braids.
Her mom is really good at hair and she comes to school with great little 'do's.
Ellie wants them.
I am working on it.
This is the best I can do.
Sad, isn't it.


Lisa said...

I LOVE her outfit! The flowers with the polka dots...totally something I would have worn and LOVED as a kid :) My kinda girl!

shelley c. said...

Love, love, love. The fruit salad is fantastic and I love the braids!! If you find the cute-hairdo-for-little-girls clinic, let me know! :)

Shannon said...

Before you even mentioned the hair, I was thinking how cute it was and that I need to try it on J! It totally makes Ellie look like she's about 6 years old :o) Also, love the outfit... inspiring my creative juices...

Toni said...

The fruit salad made me hungry!

I think her hair looks great! Very cute! :)

Jessica said...

Her hair is cute!!! You should make some bows and flowers to go with these new do's you are learning!!!