Wednesday, April 20, 2011

first of three

Ellie had the first of her three birthday parties this week.
I know.
Isn't that absurd?
3 birthday parties.
Girlfriend is spoiled rotten.
5 is an important age to turn however.
It is a whole handful, afterall.

I digress.

Chris' family threw her a fantastic party in Indy last weekend.
With butterflies hanging from the ceiling.
A cupcake cake.
And enough presents to make a girl blush.
 They know of her love of horses...
 and bought accordingly.
 And Auntie Sheryl stumbled on more of her very favorite toys
(Jungle in my Pocket animals)
and bought a ton.
From Europe.

 This is Uncle Mark and Aunt Amber.
They are getting married in June.
Ellie is the flowergirl.
And gets to wear a black and white polka dotted dress.
With flip flops.
We are looking forward to it!
 After the party we headed down to the river to do some fishing.
The geese were very interested in us.
Ellie is a master caster.
Must get this girl a real fishin' pole and let her do her thing.
 And we played a bit in the backyard.
It was a fun day.


C. Beth said...

I think this post is a good example of the positive side of having only one child. You can do fun, age-appropriate stuff with her, without worrying about a smaller kid falling in the water, or a bigger kid being bored. And 3 birthday parties? AWESOME. :)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthdya to Ellie! We are just starting the birthday bashes in our neck of the woods :o)

forever folding laundry said...

How cute is she!?
And is that a new haircut I spy?
Love it.

Girlfriend deserves those
three parties.

Happy birthday to Ellie!