Saturday, April 23, 2011

i adore her

Can you see it?

There is a little bit of baby still there.
In the soft rounded cheeks.
And the puffy justwokeup eyes.

It is fading though.

I adore her.
Even when she talks back.
And changes clothes 16 times.
And wants me to be a horse.
And won't eat her vegetables.

I adore her.
Because she has the cutest tookus.
And the biggest blue eyes.
And the softest skin.
And the sweetest little hands.

I adore her.
Because she has a fashion sense all her own.
And thinks flip flops should be year round shoes.
And bathing suits are perfectly acceptable school wear.
And uncombed hair is cool.

I adore her.
Because she says words like apparently.
And evidently.
And excellent.
And "according to."

I adore her.
Because she is so nice to her friends.
And wants everyone to get along.
And avoids drama at all costs.
And wanted to invite everyone she knew to her birthday party.

I adore her.
Because she loves horses.
And unicorns.
And dolphins.
And kitties.

I adore her.
Because she is brave when she should be scared.
And scared when she has no reason to be.
Because she tells me her secrets,
but is horrible at keeping mine.

I adore her.
For keeping me company on errands.
And helping me dust.
And folding the washcloths.
And setting the table.

I adore her.
Because she loves to color.
And play pretend.
And ride her bike.
And explore.

I adore her.
Because nature is mysterious and wonderful to her.
And she picks me dandelion bouquets.
And always wants to climb on rocks.
And hang from tree branches.

I adore her.
Because the moment I knew of her exixtence,
she made me a mommy,
and Chris a daddy.
And because of it, better people.

Happy 5 baby girl. 


C. Beth said...

This got me teary-eyed. Happy birthday to a big girl. :)

shelley c. said...

Absolutely beautiful. Both the kiddo and the words. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Best post ever! Happy Birthday, sweet girl :o)

abby said...

Such beautiful words for your girl!!! How wonderful that she can look back and see how much you love her. Inspired!

misskri said...

Love your blog! I especially love this post. I agree...beautiful, loving words for Ellie to look back on when she is older!