Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my book club girls are insane

So I had book club last night. We were talking about recent books we had read and loved lately and Twilight came up. Then I discovered that NO ONE in my book club (and there were 9 of there last night) thinks that Edward Cullen is good looking.

Are you freaking kidding me? C'mon girls!

He is insanely gorgeous.

I am very dissappointed in these girls.


So I need your opinion. Do you think he is good looking? I posted a poll on the right side of my blog. Vote!


Riki said...

Finally a new poll- I have been waiting :0)

Anonymous said...

With the way Edward is . . . oh my gosh i cannot believe i am commenting about twilight. . . i digress. With the way Edward is portrayed in the book, i expected movie Edward to be a lot hotter.

xander said...

Right on Anonymous!

Seansmoma said...

As far as "Edward" goes I love him. Absolutely fell in love. Then I saw the movie . . . Movie Edward is okay, I guess.

Robert Pattinson is HOT sometimes and other times not so much (to me anyway). I'm not sure why that is but that's what I think.

Your poll doesn't have a "Sometimes" on it so I can't answer. lol

Paige said...

Are you kidding me?? What is wrong with you people...Movie Edward is awesome...and I for one am glad none of you think so...he can just be mine!!! I have to admit that I saw the movie first (which I never do), but I didn't think I would read the books and I was taking my 12 year-old to make her happy...then I fell for Edward and read every book. Tia bought Iz a life-size cut-out for her birthday and Yes, I actually talk to him when I walk by!!! He wants me...he said so.

Molly said... Not in the slightest.

Izz said...

AHhh i cant pick between Edward and Jacob!! edward cute but he oldd!! Jacob cute and he youngerr lol i lovee twiight i think edward in the book is soooo much hotter than Movie edward!!!! :)

Lisa and Shawn said...

I agree with the other posts...I was expecting the Edward for the movie to be way hotter after the way he is described in the books. In the books, I am totally Team Edward. In the movies...Jacob wins. Edward in the movies is still good looking, but I expected more.

Beth said...

Hi Tia...I found your blog through my sister's ( and had to check it out -- I have a daughter named Tia so I'm always curious to see other Tias in the world.

Robert as Edward...4 stars. He is unassuming and something about him that you can't exactly put your finger on is completely sexy. I do agree, sometimes he is/sometimes he's not in real life. But Johnny Depp is like that and I love him as well.

Have a blessed day!