Monday, November 23, 2009

so proud!

If you remember, last year, my kid was terrified of Santa. We had to incorporate a 12 step program to get her through the holiday. It was bad.

We were at the mall on Saturday. He was there of course and Ellie saw him and preceded to totally ignore him. Ok, she was still scared. Got it. We mentioned how nice Santa was and if you told him what you wanted for Christmas, he would bring it for you. Then we left it alone.

Apparently, her little brain was cranking away, because right before we left, she decided she wanted to talk to him, but on no uncertain terms, was she going to sit on his lap (and I don't really blame her on that one). Also, I was not to leave her side. Check.

So we got in line, her little hand sweaty in mine. I kept telling her we could wait, but she insisted she was fine. Here we are discussing what she is going to ask for.

Then is was almost our turn!

God bless this Santa. He could see she was a little scared and really put her at ease. He asked for a high five...

then they got down to the serious business of gifts. She asked for a movie, a drum (??) and a ball. She decided she wanted to keep the fact that she wants a pet lizard a secret.

Then Santa told Chris to come in and get a good picture, even though you aren't supposed to do that. You are supposed to pay thousands of dollars for a 5X7. What a nice Santa.

So yea for Ellie! She has conquered her Santa fear. Now I need to find a drum. I already got her the cutest little guitar. Think that will work?

Sidenote: on the way out, I bought the best bag of cotton candy I have ever had in my life. It was strawberry banana and totally delicious!


Shannon said...

YEA ELLIE!!! Maybe she should call J and tell her how UNscary it is :o)

Molly said... are such a good momma!!!