Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a great halloween. It was a perfectly cloudy, windy, spooky day. It started with a terrific breakfast (if I do say so myself).

Then we moved onto pumpkin carving. One last hug before we dig into the guts...

and as soon as she saw the guts, she skedaddled. It should also be noted that this is the FIRST pumpkin that Chris ever carved. How is that even possible? I did not know this until this afternoon.

Then we all took a long nap which was heaveanly and then ordered some pizza to eat with the Jones Peslers. Ellie told me to get a pic of her "thinking" so I did.

Finally, almost time to Trick or Treat! Here is Ellie with Jeffafa and her Ellie pumpkin. Same costume as last year. I pulled it out to sell it on Craigslist and she put it on and declared she would be a kitty AGAIN THIS YEAR. Bonus.

and then, finally! Off to the first door!

and here we are moving right along.

This is how insane our neighborhood gets. We ran out of candy with 10 minutes left. Oops. And I bought a ton!

Here we are passing out the candy before we ran out. I think Ellie liked this better than getting her own!

and finally, the pumpkins, were the last to say goodnight.

Another Halloween come and gone. A good day indeed.


leslie said...

Awesome! Braeden always loved handing out candy more too, this was the first year he actually trick or treated the whole time. But I think that might have been just because it took that long to go around the whole block.:) we barely had 40 kids come to the door tho so i get all the left over candy. BONUS.

C. Beth said...

I love the "ELLIE" pumpkin!! So cute! Glad you guys had a great time.