Monday, January 5, 2009

the switcheroo

We rearranged our entire upstairs yesterday and it was A LOT of work! Before, Ellie was in the
small room and the big room was the office/guest/toy room. It was crowded and I could never get it to look nice. Now the office is in the basement (which is finished and also our family room), the toy room is in the small room, and Ellie got a pretty little girls room. We got rid of the guest room. We don't have enough guests or space to devote part of a room to that. I mean, we swiched closets and everything! It looks so pretty!!! We bought a pretty pink shaggy rug and a really girly lamp and the rest was stuff we had. I don't have any before pics but here are some after ones...

Pretty room. She is in no hurry to leave her crib and I am in no hurry to make her!
The other side. Think she has enough books?
Her new pretty lamp.
The new toy room. We are just calling the north side of our house "the Ellie wing"
I was a little concerned about bedtime. All day Ellie was excited about her new room, but I wasn't sure if she was really getting it. Bedtime came and we did out normal routine and then she said she wanted out. We kept telling her this was her new room and she finally got it. Not too bad.
Now we are in the basement, eating our breakfast. I am blogging and Ellie is watching "The Land Before Time" I still cry when the mama dies.


Autumn Grismore said...

It looks great. Your site looks great also. You can do!! Caffeinated beverages, BAD!!! (but boy do I LOVE them:)

Megan said...

Tia, I love what you have done with the upstairs. It looks great and seems a much more practical use of the space! Way to go! you have been busy. miss you tons!