Monday, January 12, 2009

new favoirte show

Since I have absoutely nothing else to blog about (because Ellie has a cold and there is a foot of snow outside) I am going to blog about my new favorite show.

Chris and I recently upgraded to HD and because of doing so got, like, 3000 movie channels, one of them being Showtime. I was flipping through the channels one night and NOTHING was on. How is that even possible with 3000 channels? So for some reason I stopped on The L Word.
THIS SHOW ROCKS! Now I am a happily married heterosexual woman but these women are awesome and the show is fantastic. Plus I have a total girl crush on Shane. She would be the one in the middle on the top in the picture. And I totally want to be best friends with Alice. She would be the farthest left on the top.

It is definitely on a movie channel for a reason because there is lots of lovin' and cussin' but it is so well-written and funny. I am bummed that I just now found it and the last season starts soon. A lot of it is just about women supporting women. That is nice to see these days. And unfortunately rare. There is a scene where they play basketball that had us laughing hysterically.

Needless to say, Chris doesn't mind it either.

So if you want a good series to watch this summer when all the reruns start, I totally recommend this. Good stuff!

ok, 3000 was a slight exaggeration.


Not The Rockefellers said...

The L Word is great. I don't have Showtime but I catch up on it whenever I'm at my Mom's. I could watch that damn show all day.

peace - Rene

Sheryl said...

I just read today that there may be a spin off since this is the last season of that show. Didn't know if you had heard that or not.