Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Not much is going on here. There is a gazillion inches of snow outside which requires lots of preparation.

Like this.

And this. Hi Randy! (from "A Christmas Story" in case you didn't get it)

You would dress your kid like that too if it looked like this where you lived.


Go away winter!

Ellie, though, as brilliant as she is, knew I was low on blog fodder, so yesterday, she provided some.
I put her down for her nap like usual. As usual she talked and read books for an hour or so. Then I heard a loud THUD! and then silence. I thought she dropped a book and was settling in for a winter's rest. WRONG! Then I heard her fish game go on. Silly me tried to figure out how she got the game in her bed. Then I realized it.
She had escaped.
The day I had been dreading had arrived. I go upstairs and she is out of her crib, pleased as punch with herself. Damn. There goes the end of the nap as we know it. I put her back in and asked her to show me how she did it. She threw a leg over, kinda dangled for a minute then dropped to the floor. Not exactly safe. I told her under no uncertain terms was she to do that again. I was terrfied at bedtime but she was so tired she went right to sleep. At 7:45. Bonus! And this morning she called for me instead of getting out herself. Double Bonus!
Apparently a new bed is needed. A new era has begun.

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Sheila said...

If you have an extra mattress or big pillows, you could lay those in front of her crib so she doesn't get injured. (I know....that will probably encourage her more.) My boys are trying to do that too. :-(

LOL @ the Randy remark. I love that movie. Every time I see a kid bundled up like that I am reminded of that movie.