Thursday, September 18, 2008

guilt be gone!!

Now that Ellie is 2 1/2 I am getting the "so when are you going to get pregnant again?" questions. I hate that question. Do people not realize how rude that is? And then, when I tell them we are only planning on one child they always GASP and give me several reasons why I should have another.

"But she will be so lonely"
"But she will be so spoiled"
"But she will be all alone when you are gone"

Umm, I am an only child and am none of those things. I strongly believe that family is who you love, not who you are related to. I have many friends I consider family.

I was really feeling guilty about not giving Ellie a sibling for a long time. Am I being selfish? Would she like a brother or sister? Am I spoiling her? Then my friend Jen came over with Enzo (2 1/2) and Sascha (2 months). I was holding Sascha and had the following conversation with Ellie:

Me: Ellie, would you like a little brother like Sascha?
Ellie: NO!
Me: Are you sure? He is awfully cute and cuddly!
Ellie: Yes! I am sure!
Me: Well, why don't you want one?
Ellie: I want you to carry ME, not a baby!

You gotta love her honesty. So for now, I can let my guilt go. She doesn't even want a sibling. When she's 4 and begs me for a sister, I will just get her a puppy.

Disclaimer: There is a miniscule possibility I will want another child in the distant future. This post doesn't mean I never want to even consider another child. Just throwing that out there...

Also, I will post pics again soon. Our computer is down and I am currently on Chris' laptop from work with no pics on it. Soon!

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