Tuesday, December 4, 2012

read any good books lately?

I am not reading.
This is like saying the sky is green.
The grass is red.
It's just not true.
I usually devour books.
Can't read them fast enough.
I blame the job.
Stupid job.
However, for the last 6 or so months, I haven't read more than 2 books.
This is not ok.
Not even a little.
I have tried.
I pick a book up at night,
and two seconds later, my eyes slam shut.
And on weekends, I really feel like I should maybe clean my house
or spend some time with my kid.
this week I picked up a James Patterson at the library.
Cause he is SO EASY to read.
It's about animals that start to attack people and take over the world.
and Good!
Mayby my dry spell is over??
Here's hoping.
I have a few queued on my ipad.
One is for book club.
Next week.
Better get on it!


Shannon said...

Check out my bookshelf page. Also, for some reason, I'm addicted to Nicholas Sparks as of late! I never thought I'd like them, but geez Louise! Can't get enough. I'll email you a bunch of PDFs... You will look like you are working very hard ;o)

Lisa Lach said...

I know what you mean about finding time to read...I fall asleep almost immediately when I try to read at night too! This week I have read 2 books already thought that I found on my Kindle (you can borrow some books for free on the Kindle if you're an Amazon Prime member) and I have been addicted!! Murder mystery type books...can't get enough! It feels good to be reading again.