Thursday, November 22, 2012


Ever since mom died, I struggle with the holidays.
They just aren't the same.
So I always made sure to keep myself insanely busy.
So I wouldn't notice what was missing.

Last year.
The unthinkable happened.
We had no plans for Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve.
My favorite and hardest day of the year.
 But then something miraculous happened.
It was just us.
And we rocked Christmas Eve.
We rocked it like a hurricane.
I don't want it to be any other way now.
It happened again last night.
We had no plans, the night before Thanksgiving.
So we opened a bottle of red.
Played gin.
And laughed.  A lot.
 So while there might be a huge hole where she should be.
It healed just a little when I realized when I have everything I need right here.
I love how much he adores her.
And what a good example he is for her.
And how he makes her life silly and fun.
I am Thankful.
 I love our traditions.
And our inside jokes.
And the things we don't tell anyone else about.
I am Thankful.
 I love how she makes me laugh.
And how she has my hair color.
And how she looks just like my mama.
I am Thankful.
 I love how he loves me.
He is so very good at it.
For that, I am eternally Thankful.
I have it good.
Better than most even.


paige said...


forever folding laundry said...

you definitely have much to be thankful for.
what a beautiful family you guys are.


C. Beth said...

Awesome. :)

Love the pics.