Friday, December 14, 2012

the bare essentials

My poor kid.

I am doing the bare essentials this Christmas.

Think she notices?

Of course she doesn't.
But I do.
And it bothers the heck outta me.

Here it is, halfway through December and we have read nary a Christmas book.

It's shameful really.

This weekend though, we are HOLIDAZING it UP!

Christmas light looking.
Christmas cookie baking.
Present buying and wrapping.

I am gonna cram the whole holiday in this one teeny tiny little weekend.

So there.

On a side note:
Benjamin has been a huge hit this year.
Sneaky little elf.
Some people think he is creepy looking.
I think he is mischievous looking.

1 comment:

chris jones said...

Mischievous with a hint of "bad elf". Ask Will Farrell.