Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hustle and bustle.
I feel hurried.
All the time.
I don't like that.
Below are 4 examples of how I am just not quite cutting it.
1.  She was in bed, asleep, before I had time to kiss her goodnight.
 2.  I am just now getting to posting her Halloween pics.
She was a fawn.
 Her candy loot that I can't seem to find time to throw out.
There's lots of good stuff in there :)
 I have taught her to make her own grilled cheese.
Cause who has time to make dinner?
Ok.  In all seriousness, I do still cook for her, but figured it was high time she start learning her way around the stove.
She did great.
This is my first time working during the holidays, with a kid to make a great Christmas for, and I am 14 kinds of stressed.
Isn't that stupid.
Yes. I said stupid.
Things at work are nutso busy.
Which is good.
Things at home are busy.
Which is good.
I don't like being busy!
Rant over.
Will someone please comment and tell me to chill the heck out?!?!?


Shannon said...

I'm SO there with you! I can't believe that Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away! Shouldn't we just be coming up on Labor Day?? We ALL need to just chill the heck out :o)

Amber Davis said...

Chill because today you not only get to spend a ton of quality time (although mostly in the car) with Ellie, but you also get to finally meet your chubby cheeked niece!