Monday, September 10, 2012

this weekend in photos and a special announcement

We had a jam packed weekend.
So we fueled up with some pancakes.

 We sent Paige some pictures of the books we wanted for Christmas.
 Cause she always gets us books.

 We cuddled with our boy.
 We celebrated a 50th birthday.
 We drew a turtle.
 We took a bike ride.
 We were in an egg race.
(Came in third.)
 And we celebrated this little girls first birthday.
It was a good weekend for all of those things.
But mostly it was a good weekend because I became an aunt!
Emerson Quinn was born on Friday night.
I personally think she is the cutest, sweetest, niece ever born in the whole wide world.
And we adore her already.
Welcome to the world little girl.


shelley c. said...

She's the second cutest little girl in your family. But a VERY close second :) Looks like you guys are having good fun :)

C. Beth said...

Aww, congratulations! Sweet little baby. :)

Jessilyn said...

Max and I had some pancakes too this weekend. I don't get them often and I remembered why (because I eat like 100 of them) Congrats on being an aunt! I am obsessed with those little chubby cheeks and bright eyes. Gorgeous baby!

Amber Davis said...

She is a pretty cute kid (but I may be a little biased). She's excited to meet Aunt Tia, Uncle Chris and cousin Ellie!