Sunday, August 28, 2011


Life is catching up with me and I am grouchy.

The excitement of starting school is over.
My house is back in order.
And things are calming down.

Which gives me time to think.
About all that is happening.
And it makes me sad.

Ellie woke up entirely too early for a Saturday morning.
She wanted to HIKE!
I did not.
I wanted to bury under the covers for at least 3 more hours.
Then maybe head to a late breakfast.
And hit up a farmers market.
A low key kinda day.
Maybe even throw myself a little pity party.

But, alas, both my family members abhor farmers markets.
I know, right??
What is wrong with them?
The puppy petting alone is worth the trip.
Pity parties aren't well recieved either.
So, I unhappily got out of bed, with no energy for the hike ahead.

Then things went from bad to worse.
My bad mood infected the whole clan.
Fits were thrown due to what shoes to wear.
Looks were given.
Terse words were said.
And it was all my fault.

We finally made it to the car and hit the road.
And my bad mood persisted.
By this point, I was desperately trying to hide it.
To turn things around.
And it was working with Ellie.
But Chris knows me inside and out.
I wasn't fooling him.

We start up the trail.
Grouchy tagging along, uninvited.
Then Perspective sneaks up and slaps me right across the face.
The nerve of her.
(Perspective has to be female, don't you think?)
But it worked.
Her slap, combined with open green air, put me right again.
 So yeah.
My life isn't at it's best right now.
It's hard.
And sad.
And messy.
And out of my control.
 But there is good, too.
Beautiful things hiding in the mess.
Covered up by all the junk that is currently on display.

Morning kisses.
And notes in lunchboxes.
And a sweet card in the mail.

Kitty love.
And check marks on to do lists.
And a new shirt.

Plans for a fun evening with good friends.
Back rubs by familiar hands.
And strengh bubbling to the surface.

I am blessed.
And I know it.
 By the time the hike was over,
I was better.
Thank goodness I went.
And thank goodness for Perspective and her bossy way of showing me that life sucks sometimes,
but there is always good.
Always happiness to be found.
You just have to look around.

At lunch, Ellie got a hold of the camera.
She wanted these on the blog.
So, curtesy of Ellie...
Her first arms length shot of the two of us.
 And herself.
 And our shoes.
 And me, busted.
Probably checking facebook.
Or playing a word on words with friends.
In every single one of my games,
and I am playing 15,
I have crappy letters.
Every. Single. One.


C. Beth said...

I love the way you share your heart (good stuff and not so great stuff) in your posts.... You're on my heart. I know it's a difficult time.

forever folding laundry said...

Just catching up on your blog, and I'm so sorry things are hard now.
I'm glad Perspective showed up
and illuminated your blessings.
Hang in there, friend.