Thursday, August 25, 2011

the big K!

We made it!
Our first official day of Kindergarten is over!
And she LOVED it.
Just like I knew she would.

Over the last few weeks, she was getting a little nervous and a little clingy.
Probably because our schedule was all out of whack.
And I was in Indiana for so long.
So I was nervous cause she was nervous.

But, like it always does...
It worked out.

Shall we go through the day in pictures?
I think, perhaps, we shall...

Here is sleeping beauty on the big day.
 And we can't go to school without a healthy breakfast.
(which some kids did, I heard a little girl say her mommy was too busy to make her breakfast and she was hungry.  Broke my heart.)
 Atticus joined the fun.  I think he was confused on why we were up so early...
 Official Photo!
I got this idea from my good friend Autumn.  She is extra cool.  Her husband is one of my oldest and closest friends.  He walked in on me in the bathroom in first grade, and we have been close ever since, but I digress...Check out her blog HERE.
 And here are a few others to round out the series.
 Anyone want to come trim my bushes?  How embarrasing...

 On our way!  She was so excited here, it was palpable.
 Walking into school. 
I was like the freaking paparazzi.
Chris was embarrased.
I didn't care.
 Lining up with her class.
Front of the line.
My little eager beaver.
 There she goes.
At this point, my throat was thick and my eyes were damp.
But I held it together.
 Then Chris and I went golfing!
Where I can see my golf game coming back.
Just a little.
There were still more bad shots than good.
But the good ones were good.

Then we went and picked her up.
She came out smiling and yelling
Can't beat that.
Unless a chocolate milkshake is involved.
A big day has come and gone.
We are blessed.


C. Beth said...

Yaaaaaaaay! It's such a relief when the first day goes well!

And I love her little dress. I'm glad they have some uniform options that are cute. :)

I'm a little frustrated with my girl's breakfast habits. She'll eat a ton for lunch but just doesn't eat much for breakfast. At least the K lunch at school is early (10:30!!)

Shannon said...

So sweet! J starts preschool very soon... Let's hope it goes just as well!

Lisa said...

I love the picture with her stats. I saw that on Autumn's blog the other day and I thought it was such a cute idea! I told my husband we would have to copy that someday :) I'm so glad Ellie enjoyed school!

Toni said...

Kid also loves Kindergarten. I have plans to take him out and take some pictures like that as well. It's been too hot to do it recently though.