Thursday, July 8, 2010

a summer day

The other day found us with nothing to do. So we just hung out. I hardly ever just sit and listen to ellie, I am always trying to get the dishes done or the weeding or the car cleaned out, etc...

Plus, the girl talks nonstop. Like, uses up her word quota by 9am nonstop. People say she gets that from me. Hm.

This day, I just sat and listened. And I remembered how funny she is. I caught up on all her imaginary friends. She has about 32. The main ones are Baby Jaguar, Dolphin, Unicorn, and Lamby. I am not a fan of Lamby. She is bossy and sometimes mean.

As I was listening to the soap opera that is Ellie's imaginary friends, I was enjoying a vintage cola. Delicious.

And of course I watched her death defying feats on the slide, 246 times.

Then I mentioned that my tomatoes might need watered,

and she got the hint and got right on it.

Then I had a little water spa treatment.

Then she was all tuckered out so she took a little rest for a minute. She said Lamby wouldn't let her in the pool. It was just for imaginary friends for awhile. See, Lamby is bossy!

We were gonna grill for dinner, but it is still bloody freaking hot here, so we opted for Steak and Shake instead. I love Steak and Shake. Coke Zero with a shot of Cherry is the best.

Then we hit up a farmers market...

and got the worlds best snickerdoodle.

These are the days I will remember. Just the every day, simple things. The days right now are so very perfect. She is healthy and imaginative and funny and stubborn and beautiful and wonderful.

Chris and I try and soak as much of her up as we can every day. It is going so very fast.


C. Beth said...

What a great post, and a great reminder. Sometimes I just need to "unplug" (from the computer and all my other distractions) and enjoy my kiddos.s

Theresa said...

It does go so fast!! So nice to read about how much you enjoy her! And a good reminder to just "be" with your kids!

shelley c. said...

That sounds like such a great day! And I love Ellie's bathing suit, by the way. It is so awesome to be able to have the time to really appreciate these girls for who they are and who they are becoming.

Molly said...

No...YOU make the world's best snickerdoodles!!!!!

(and she looks so much like you it is SCARY!)

forever folding laundry said...

So perfect. Glad you and your girl are having such sweet summer days. :)


Karen said...

Love this post -- so true about all the little things! I had to comment that the pic of her in the Steak & Shake hat looks JUST like you!! Every picture I see of her is a great combo of both you and Chris, but that one in particular screams Tia. Love it!