Thursday, July 15, 2010

another list

Chris, thankfully, doesn't need to travel a lot for his job, but he is gone for maybe 3 weeks during the year. In days past, I hated when he was gone. When Ellie was a baby, I doubly hated when he was gone. It was hard work. Plus I was terribly jealous of all the fun he was having (like San Diego pool party fun) while I was stuck home with little tiny drool monster who woke up 3 times a night.

These days, however, I have come to appreciate his absences. I miss him, of course, but there are some distinct advantages to not having him around for a week.

Advantages such as:

-being able to sleep in the middle of the bed using all 4 pillows and not having to have the blasted fan on.

-way less laundry. I have done 1 load this week intead of 3.

-cereal for dinner.

-no stinky basketball clothes to wash.

-no schedule, whatsoever.

-buying cookies and knowing they will be there in the morning.

-being able to sit on the good end of the couch.

Despite all these perfectly wonderful things, I really do miss him and much prefer him home. I sleep a lot better when he is here, I don't have to play horsey with Ellie, he rubs my feet every night, and cereal for dinner gets old, real quick.

Hurry home baby!


Shannon said...

First, love that picture!!

Second, foot rub EVERY night???

C. Beth said...

It's hard for me when hubby's gone--bedtime for the kids by myself, etc. But I do like that I can make really simple, kid-friendly dinners, and they like them better than the "real" food I make for us adults!

Molly said...

that picture needs to be on a greeting card or something!!!!! SOOO CUTE!