Monday, July 19, 2010

class act

On Saturday, Chris and I met our good friends for dinner over near their house. I think I have mentioned Chagrin Falls on my blog several times, so you know how much I love it over there. We took Ellie there, where they had a sitter watch her and their 2 girls. One of which is the "other Ellie" and Ellie's best girlfriend.

What a great night! We started out with a little wine on their patio then headed to the restaurant,

which happened to be right on the falls. So pretty.

Then things took a turn for the worse and I had 2 of these.

Now I had not planned on getting bat shit drunk. Nope. Not even on my radar. I mean, these were classy people we were hanging out with. And we were having dinner and then picking up Ellie and going home for heavens's sake.

But I did.

Oh man.

I did.

I hope I didn't embarrass myself. I don't think I did, tried to appear normal, but you know how you are when you have imbibed a little too much.

Yeah. Real Class Act.

It was so bad in fact, that when we got home, I headed right to bed, and Chris handled Ellie's bedtime routine.

I got up 30 minutes later and threw up.

Good news is, I was instantly sober and felt much better and went right to sleep.

Woke up the next morning perfectly fine.

I don't know what happened!?!

Maybe mixing a little wine and a little champagne is not good for me?

Maybe the 6.5 miles I had run that morning dehydrated me enough to make me more susceptable (even though I felt hydrated and had drunk tons of water all day?)

Maybe I just had too much?

I don't know. But it wasn't pretty. Wasn't pretty at all.

By the way, Chris was totally sober so no 4 year olds or innocent vehicles were harmed or in harm at any time :)


Shannon said...

In the same embarrassing boat as you. My liver is ready for summer to be over.

Shannon said...

...and just noticed I'm drinking in my picture. NOT an alcoholic, I promise.

forever folding laundry said...

I can relate to those "it snuck up on me" moments. Except mine involved too many Lava Flows in Hawaii. :)