Sunday, July 25, 2010

lazy saturday

We have been nutso busy lately. It's been great, but I could tell we both needed a day to just be.

So we had a terribly lazy Saturday. I didn't even get out of my pajamas. It was great!

The day started with a little Froot Loops, cause sometimes a mom just needs Froot Loops. Ellie of course had oatmeal like she does everysingledayofherlife.

Then we braved the 4000 degrees outside very briefly to water our plants and pick our bounty.

Then we baked some cookies.

And I spent a good portion of the day reading. I have been reading this series forever and LOVE it. I savor them. There is only one more after this one and I am so sad.

And we played babies...

paddle balled...

and just seriously relaxed.

That evening after Ellie was asleep, we started watching Band of Brothers. Chris has been trying to get me to watch it for years and it has just never worked out. It is SO GOOD! So we watched 3 parts of it and then went to bed.

Another perfect day.

And later today, Paige and Ken and Nick and Izzy are taking Ellie for a few days and Chris and I are having a staycation! I am beyond excited! A little golf. A little gambling. A lot of good food. Some sleeping in (wink wink). And a movie or two.

Yea for us!

And God Bless Paige and Ken and Nick and Izzy!


C. Beth said...

What an awesome weekend.

And what AWESOME friends. Do they want to watch Chickie & Zoodle too? ;)

Holly said...

The Fruit Loops next to the organic milk makes me laugh!

Jessica said...

Aren't those weekends the best?! I love pushing aside everything I "should" be doing and just focus on doing what I want to do.