Monday, May 17, 2010

the weekend

We had a very low key weekend. It was nice. Very, very nice.

Saturday, Ellie had her last spring soccer game. After 5 games and lots of practice, we have discovered that we have a little defenseman on our hands. More specifically, a goalie! She adores playing goalie and has a perfect record. No goals scored on her watch. She probably saved 20 or so goals. Hu-ya!

She is so cute. She really pays attention to the whole game and gets all ready and in position if things start to come her way.

Here she is saving a goal!

The good game line. They are so cute doing this.

More soccer to come in the fall!

Then on Sunday I got up and went for a good run. I have been doing p90x for awhile, but my body was telling me to run. So I did. It was really early and the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. It was lovely. I ran about 3.5 miles and it felt pretty good. My shins hurt, which is new. I will be curious to see if that continues. I plan on incorporating a little running into the p90x routine. We shall see how that works out. Then we went out to lunch and Chris and Ellie played some chess.

First on the small scale...

then on the BIG scale.

Then Chris went to the golf course for awhile and Ellie and I just hung out.

A great weekend indeed.

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C. Beth said...

What an awesome weekend! Hope your shins don't keep bothering you. I'm having just a little bit of a knee issue and have found a lot of help at I know they have info on shin pain too.