Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sunday was one of those days.

You know, an absolutely perfect early summer day.

It actually started Saturday night when Ellie and I both got a cute new pair of sandals.

And then it continued early sunday morning with a little hopscotch,

and cute posing,

all made possible by some coffee of course.

Then we went to lunch at a little place that is outside and overlooks the lake.

Then we went to a few open houses, cause we like to torture ourselves. It's not like we are ever, ever, ever going to sell our house, but we (meaning me) still like to look, cause you know, you never know. And of course, we found one we like. Whatever.

Then we went to a birthday party where I didn't get a single picture, but trust me, it was awesome. Let's just say, Ellie held a python, and pet a chinchilla and a tarantula. See? Awesome.

Then we ended up crashing Jeff and Megans Sunday even. Yeah. We kinda just showed up. Lucky for us, they didn't mind, and welcomed us with open arms, and drinks.

Scratch really enjoys Ellie,

cause she shares her goldfish.

Plus, we got a squeeze in with Jeff.

I predict a good summer. Ellie is old enough that we don't need to worry about naps and bedtimes as much. Plus, she is so good when we go places, just kind of blends into whatever is happening.

Bring it on!


Shannon said...

Fun!! I can't wait until my girls "blend" in... I have a feeling they will always do just the opposite :o/

BTW... any plans to visit IN yet?

C. Beth said...

That totally sounds like an awesome bday party!

Theresa said...

Cute sandals! We love going to open houses too! If nothing else, it's fun to see how other people decorate!