Friday, May 7, 2010

things i absoutely will get done this weekend

Go through drawers and pull out the old stuff to send to the church rummage.
Eat a Cadburry Creme Egg.
Go to a soccer game (in likely 40 degree weather, again.)
Read my smutty book. I would tell you what it is, but I am too embarrased.
Do the dreaded P90X Yoga. It's not normal yoga people.
Make a big breakfast.
Watch Radio Flyer with Ellie. Too old for her? We shall see.
Drink the last of the BESTCOFFEEEVER.
Play pretend with Ellie.
Watch the Cavaliers win.
Mop the filthy kitchen floor.
Clean up the yard.
Update my planner.
Make a meal plan for next week. Hello Jamie Oliver cookbook!
Kiss my cute husband. A lot.
Have my feet rubbed.
Catch up on DVR'd shows. Hello Deadliest Catch, CSI, and Mentalist!
Sweep the front steps.
Play at the park.
Paint my nails.
And toenails.

There. That should do it for now.

Happy Friday!


C. Beth said...

That sounds like a GREAT weekend.

(If you substitute "Cadbury Cream Egg" for "Marshmallow Peeps," of course.)

Molly said...

That sounds like a pretty perfect weekend! (p.s. have I ever told you that Chris' grandma is an author of smutty books?? I read one once that would have been a lot more enjoyable had I not been thinking that it was written by "Shu Shu" the whole time!!!!!) :)