Tuesday, April 27, 2010

holy birthday celebration batman!

My kid doesn't have a birth"day", she has a birth"week"! I mean, seriously.

It's been a great week! Lots of celebrating and fun. So settle in. Grab some coffee. It's a long one.

It all started the night before her birthday. We told her we had a big surprise for her and after her favorite dinner (chic-fil-a!) we headed to Dicks. Here she is wondering where we are going...

A bike! See ya! (and yes, at home, she has a helmet...)

Then the next morning, her door was all decorated and presents awaited her outside.

She got what she asked for!

Pleased with all her presents.

Then I made her eat a healthy breakfast cause I knew this was the last healthy thing she would eat for days. I was right.

And then the fun started! We had a backyard party with her friends this year. We did a bugs and butterflys theme. We would have just done butterflys, but most of her friends are little boys! Daddy made a surprise visit. We love our daddy.

Then all the kids lined up for a bug hunt. I found the cutest little bug shaped eggs after easter and hid them for the kids in the front yard.

Then Ellie won Pin the tail on the Donkey. Everyone blamed us for practicing, but my kid is just good!

Then she took a turn on the pinata.

However, the pinata was like Fort Knox and the moms had to step in to break it open.

Then it was time for CAKE! Four? How did that happen??

Ellie and Dom.

The Ellies.

Then we headed home to Indiana for 2 more parties. Yes. 2. Here is her pony cake.

Anxiously awaiting people to come to her party. We LOVE Linda's front porch.

Apparently, there is a rule in Indiana, that you must get a picture with all the kids around the cake. Check.

Ellie and her cousin Luke. We don't see him near often enough. These two are like peas and carrots!

Ellie and cousin Tan. Even the big cool kids came.

And then we went to Chris' family for our third party. Here is Ellie with her third birthday cake. It was at this party that she was especially spoiled.

Yes. I would say she had a good birthday. Now we are home, sorting through all the goodies, making messes, and having fun. Thanks to everyone for loving my kid so much!


Shannon said...

I hear ya on the whole birthday week thing! Looks like Ellie had a great time!

C. Beth said...

Aww...awesome! I love the idea of decorating her door and having the presents outside her room! I may have to steal that for next time.

Molly said...

Every child should be loved so much!!!!! So sweet!

Sak said...

happy birthday ellie!! i love your bike.