Monday, March 22, 2010

this kid

I love her more than life itself.

Like, would jump in front of a bus/take her sickness as my own, love her.

But if she doesn't stop whining, I might lose it.


It is driving. me. crazy.

I have tried everything. Now I am just ignoring her when she whines.

Yesterday I ignored her all day.


Stellar parenting.


C. Beth said...

But Mommy, whyyyyyyyyy?

Ugh, yes, very annoying.

Sak said...

have u tried distracting her? I do that to my 2 kids who happens to be twins and whine at the same time..if they dont stop i give myself a time-out instead of telling them to stop...

Miss Leslie said...

Supernanny would tell you to whine back at her so she can hear what she sounds like. do it allllll day. :)

Shannon said...

I'm right there with you!

Molly said...

Ohhhhhh sister. I think whining is my #1 pet peeve (maybe tied with people who abbreviate things that shouldn't be abbreviated see: fro yo or ho cho) How do kids know to whine like that? It isn't like we ever give in to their whines! ARGH! I feel your pain!

Sschraed said...

Yes..we are going through it too. I just tell her I won't answer her until she stops whining. She usually stops after me ignoring her for a few minutes. Not fun! Good luck!

Karen said...

Oh goodness...I feel your pain!! Along with whining I have HYPERACTIVITY. She never stops moving. Or talking. I never question why I sleep so good at night. :) Hang in there, girl! You aren't alone!