Thursday, March 25, 2010

a list

March. I don't like March. Even though it is my birthday month, it is a hideous weather month. We have had teasing 65 degree days and today it is 38 and rainy. I am always so ready for warm weather now, and almost expect it, and get extra frustrated when it is soo soo cold. So today I am thinking what I will do this summer when it is warm...

We will:

Watch Ellie ride her "big girl" bike, that she is getting for her birthday
Make BLT's and sweet tea and have a picnic in the backyard
Go to a new and different zoo
Pick the daffodils in our yard and put them in a vase
Wear pretty flip-flops. Ellie is DYING to wear flip flops
Go to an outside movie, and eat tubs of buttered popcorn
Take a walk after dark
Plant flowers and give Ellie her own little pot to plant whatever she wants
Plant tomatos
Play in the sand
Go barefoot and get dirty
Look for faries under mushrooms
Catch lightning bugs
Take Ellie golfing at a real golf course
Which leads to play lots more golf myself
Go to the lake
Wear a pretty sundress on date night
Drink beer with Chris on the front steps after Ellie has gone to bed
Watch So You Think You Can Dance


C. Beth said...

Now that is a good list. :) Hope you check off most or even all of it.

Shannon said...

Your post made me smile today :o) I don't even like beer but you had me wishing I had a front porch to drink it on!

I like the idea of a pot to plant whatever E wants... gonna steal that for J. BTW, when is Ellie's b-day?

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