Saturday, March 6, 2010


Ellie is huge into rhyming lately.

Mom! Cat and Bat rhyme!
Mom! Bed and Fred rhyme!
Mom! Rug and Bug rhyme!

It goes on all the time.

Chris and I were watching our DVD'd Mentalist a little while ago as Ellie was playing computer games, running around, etc... We never do that, but we had a little extra time, and well, we said "why not?" It's usually not too bad.

Then a woman on the show said something about a "rich bitch."

Ellie stops what she is doing and goes:

Mom! Rich and Bitch rhyme!

Yes. Yes they do.


We totally ignored it, laughed hysterically when she wasn't looking, and let it go. She hasn't said it again so I think we are good.


shelley c. said...

Julia does the SAME thing. Her funny thing that I have to not laugh at, though, is changing the sounds of words to the "O" sound, so "Nana" becomes "nono" and the like. Now... our cat's name is Murphy. Guess what she's been calling the cat... :) (Come on, you get it, right?)

Lisa said...

I LOVE the Mentalist! When we were in California last week we got to go on the set...of course there was no cast there :( And they wouldn't let me lay on Jane's couch.

Molly said...

Oh my...that was officially my first laugh of the day! Thanks! :)