Thursday, March 4, 2010

my birthday

My birthday was yesterday. I had a FABULOUS day. My wonderful, awesome, handsome, fantastic husband took the day off, stayed home with Ellie, gave me a gift certificate for Anthro and said "Have a good day!"

A day to myself.

To do whatever I wanted.

Holy cow.

I started the day sitting in the bookstore, drinking some coffee and reading some books. Then I meandered around for a bit. Picking this up, reading the back of that, all without "MOM! Can I play at the train table now???"

Then I made my way to Anthro, where I spent A LOT of time. I got 3 dresses, a nightie, and cute little birdie salt and pepper shakers for under $200. I was amazed at the deals I found.

Then Paige and I went to lunch. I had Pad Thai and wine. Wine! At lunch!

Then I wondered around Trader Joes, Nicky Nicole, and a few other ritzy stores.

Then I headed home to cupcakes, ice cream, and flowers.

Then I went to book club! Where we had delicious stuffed shells, salad, garlic bread, LOTS more wine (a little hungover currently) and an ice cream cake. Just for me. My lovely ladies sang and everything. Thanks Leslie, it was great!

Then I fell exhausted into bed about 11:30.

A tremendous birthday. It's going to be a great year!

After I take off the 5+ pounds I probably added yesterday.


Miss Leslie said...

Sounds like we need some places to go for you to wear those new dresses!!

Shannon said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!

Chris said...

A well deserved day, wish i could give you more!

Sak said...

Happy birthday.

Karen said...

What a fantastic birthday!! Glad you had such an awesome day!