Saturday, September 19, 2009


We have started and Ellie loves it! I knew she would and wasn't worried even for a second about leaving her.

Of course, since she has been home with me since birth, and thus, not exposed to a lot of germies, we have already caught a cold and barfed in the carseat. Have you ever cleaned barf out of a carseat? Especially the velcro straps? It is not fun. Let me assure you of that.

On a brighter note. She is doing great. I am doing great. Chris is doing great. All is well.

Big news to come soon. For real this time. I promise!


C. Beth said...

I managed to avoid carseat puke until we visited the in-laws recently and Zoodle encountered the perfect storm of eating too much cheese/riding on a mountain road. It was disgusting.

Looking forward to your news! :)

forever folding laundry said...

How cute! She looks like a big girl. Glad preschool is going well.

Excited to hear your big news.... ;)

And, yes. Unfortunately I have cleaned vomit out of a car seat. Not. fun. at. all.


Sschraed said...

Very excited to hear your news (lol, i know, i must have no life)

She looks so cute going to preschool.

I have dealt with carseat puke. NOT FUN to say the least!