Monday, September 7, 2009

my apologies

We have been incredibly busy around here and are hopefully about to get busier (and no, again, I am not pregnant!) so blog posts might be sporadic for awhile. I will be more forthcoming when I can. I promise.

Happy Labor Day!

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Miss Leslie said...

whew. I just got caught up from the golf blog.
*I saw the time travelers wife and thought of you. it was good. *totally sad I missed Rebecca's party, I heard it was beautiful too.
*I can't wait to have a girl too!!
*Braeden has asked me some tough questions too. recently after watching the wizards of waverly place he said that he would never wish that me and scott had never met. cuz that would mean even tho he would still have his dad Liesl would not. he had really thought that one thru.
*Braeden had his feelings hurt at the cookout when my dad told him he was skating on his ankles. apparently I too am raising a 13yr old girl.
*I had one of those I love my husband moments the other day when my hubby was the only one who showed up at the last day of childbirth class with a new pink blankie for the baby and a card telling me how wonderful I am.

Can't wait to see you at book club!!