Friday, February 28, 2014

little happies

I am not gonna lie people.
I am really struggling.
I don't know if it is the weather
(so much of which we can do things like this:)

Or losing my Noonie.
Or just stress in general.
But UGH.
I am not in a good place.

But after weeks of blah.
And sleeping a lot.
And being a slug.
And eating horrible.
I have decided it is enough.
No more Blah.

I looked around today, and in the space of 5 minutes found all of these things to be happy about.

This boy.
In the sun.
It may be 54 below zero, but the sun is shining.
And that helps.
 These bangs.
She went from looking 7 to 12 with one snip of the scissors.

Celebrating this guy last weekend.
I love that man so.
To the moon and back.
Forever and ever.

A new little girl was born last Sunday morning.
And I fell head over heels.
Welcome Aidy Lou.
I love you!

I got my hairs cut.
DARK (er.)
I love it!

An unexpected present in the mail from a fellow hankie lover.
With the sweetest note.
Made my entire day.
Thank you Abby.  
I love it.
And have already used it :)

This boy again.
Always around.

A new found love of the (borrowed) guitar.
She plays it ALL THE TIME.
And writes her own songs with lyrics like
"I put my hand on the radio, and right then and there I heard my song."
"I heard my game.  I heard my fame"
"Oh Oh Oh Oh"

And we get performances.

Next up: lessons!

Little notes like this all over the house.
She is my favorite. 

Remembering to Enjoy Cleveland.
Even when it is so cold you just want to die.

Her cami's.
Never ever ever ever without one.
Chris doesn't get it at all.
I bought her another one.
"But she already has 3" he says.
But not a neon orange one.

So there.
Officially out of the doldrums.
For serious.


shelley c. said...

I love your guys' haircuts. You both look awesome! :) And I love the cami's. J wear them all the time. Usuall as undershirts. That she can't wait to reveal. LOL. <3

abby said...

So glad you like your hankie!!

Robert said...

I totally get those doldrums! And have found myself sometimes just literally laying on the floor in the patch of sun coming in the window, dreaming of when I can soak up that sun OUTSIDE!

Glad that you've been able to look around and work yourself back!

becoming claudine said...

That last comment was from Claudine....not my husband Robert who happened to still be signed into Google, ahem!