Wednesday, February 12, 2014

an almost 8 year old bedroom

My girl is growing up.
It dawned on me that she might not want me to post everything I want to anymore.
After this post, I am going to have to start asking her permission.
When did THAT happen??

Anyway, I wanted to get a snapshot of her evolving room.
It is in the transition of little to not-so-little girl.
It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

 Her bed.
And her 947 pillows.
I went in there this morning to wake her up and could hardly find her.
 Her animals. 
We put the vast majority in the attic this past weekend.
This was all that survived.
 Her books.
Again, we put most of her picture books in the attic.
These were much harder for me to part with.
I wanted to keep them all down in her room
but we have to make room for the chapter books now.
 We even added a few growing up books.
We have referenced them a time or two.
Mostly the feelings sections.
Girlfriend has some feelings these days.
 She has a new whiteboard in her room.
She wants me to leave her a note every day while she is at school.
Today was a spelling reminder.
Sneaky a.
 We also have journals now.
One of which is voice activated to hold her most private thoughts.
 And our current read.
With the ever popular "text me" sticker on it.
 And we even have (GASP) make-up.'s chapstick and perfume.
But it is part of the morning routine now.
Can't go anywhere without our chapstick on.
But there is still one reminder that she is little.
Baby Polar Bear.
Her constant bed companion still.
Look at his frayed paws.
That's were she rubs him at night for comfort.
He waits patiently for her to return everyday.
He might not leave her bed much these days,
not like the good ol' days where he went with us EVERYWHERE,
but I think he understands.
And is content to still be tucked under her chin at night.
 Why do they have to grow up so fast?
It seems like just yesterday I had all day with her.
Doing all those things that stay at home mom's do.

These days are good too though.
She is such a funny little person.
Wonder what she will be like at 10? or 12?  or 16?
That will be here before I know it.

I think I will enjoy the end of 7 for as long as I can.
Smiley face.

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