Thursday, August 26, 2010

a fit

These two are best buds.  Siblings of the heart, if you will.
We were at the zoo with them recently and Ellie threw an enormous fit.
A gigantic fit.
An embarrasing fit.
A "whose kid is that?" fit.
She even had Enzo on the ground covering his ears.
And 2 year old Sascha going "Ellyee?  Calm down Ellyee!"
Then I tried to get the yearly turtle picture and Enzo was determined not to let that happen.  Crazy kid. 
He is so funny.
And smart.
And fun to be around.
And slightly nerdy.  In a good way.
He loves all things skeleton and star wars.
Knew what a didgeridoo was before he was 2.  And could pronounce it correctly. 
The kid brought a National Geographic to the zoo as his "toy." 
No joke.
Love these kids.
But as it always happens,
the fit disappeared just as quickly as it came.
And all was well again.


Shannon said...

You are an awesome mom!! Seriously, instead of standing there yelling at her and hitting her, you took pictures :o) LOVE it! Have a great weekend!!

abby said...

Yay for big pictures! Glad you figured it out!