Thursday, August 20, 2009

fun night

Do you have a friend that knows of all the cool happenings around town? We do (yes Megan, that would be YOU!) and thank goodness for her or we would be totally in the dark about the neat things our city has to offer. Apparently every Wednesday in the summer there are free concerts at Wade Oval so last night we went. It was awesome! Ellie got to run free, we got to eat good food and drink good wine and have good conversations with friends. What could be better?

Jackson Rohm was there this time and he is great. He basically sings anything you want him to. We are trying to figure out a way to take him on our next vacation. He is perfect background music.

We have also entered the age where Ellie meets random kids, starts playing with them, and then the parents are forced to interact. She met a sweet little 4 year old last night and luckily, her parents were very cool so we also spent a lot of time talking to the other parents while our girls played.

And there was the cutest little white furball puppy there that Ellie fell in love with (and mommy too). Maybe someday...

Big Dinosaur.

What's an outdoor event without a balloon?

Some cuddling. These two are thick as thieves.

We would have Ellie run to a tree and back to keep her busy...that's ok, right?

The grass fairy came. Chris was not happy.


Chris said...


C. Beth said...

So cute! And I think the tree running is a fantastic idea, one I will probably steal. :)

Riki said...

Yeah, I hear WOW is a fun thing to do.. we have friends that go a lot... we wanted to make it to one this summer.

Amber said...

wait until she meets Rawley...while he isn't a small or necessarily adordable, I feel like they could wear each other out.