Thursday, August 13, 2009

do we have a 3 year old or a pre-teen?

I was out last night so Chris put Ellie to bed. They had played at the park and she got filthy so she got a bath before bed. And went to be with wet hair. You have seen this kids hair, right? Needless to say, she woke up with, um, interesting hair.

As Chris was getting ready for work, I told him to look at her hair and he goes:

"Whoa! You have CRAZY hair!"

Not a big deal, right?

Most kids would find that funny.

Our kid would have too, until this morning.

It hurt her feelings!


Of course Chris felt horrible.

He felt even worse when he asked for a hug goodbye and she said...

"maybe later."


Chris apologized to her and she said...

"ok, but just don't do it again."

Duly noted.

We apparently have a 13 year old in our house now.

With a sensitive spirit.


On a separate note, there are still a few hours to enter my giveaway! Better hurry!

1 comment:

C. Beth said...

Awww..that's very sweet! Chickie doesn't get her feelings hurt about those things yet. Now that I've said that, it'll probably happen today. :)