Friday, May 16, 2014

new things

Lots of new things happening around here.

For Mothers Day, Chris asked me what I wanted to do.
I told him I wanted to spend all morning picking out flowers.
And all afternoon planting them.
With his help.

He came through like a champ.

We mulched and mowed and sweated and swore a little.

But things came together very nicely :)

Next, a little update in the kitchen.
It's moving right along.
And I am getting excited!

Remember the lovely before.

And after (ish.)
We are still waiting on a few random doors and countertops, etc...

The passthrough.
It's going to have a pancake bar (as Ellie calls it) on the dining room side.
I am amazed at how much it opened things up.

And another before shot.
Double shudder.

And after.

I am a happy girl.
I will do a dedicated blog post when it is all done.

And as an aside, 
last weekend I watched my kid become a true Clevelander.

We were at the Cleveland Flea
(locals: RUN to the next one.  SO COOL!)
and Ellie was hungry.
I mentioned perogies as an option but she was skeptical.
Note picture:

One bite in though and she was hooked.

 A Cleveland girl through and through.

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