Saturday, April 26, 2014


We have 2 major events happening in the house.

Big News #1

We now have an 8 year old living with us.
I loved 7.
I am hoping 8 is just as great.

Her birthday was low-key.
In the morning she opened the few presents we had bought for her.

 And we were off to school after the requisite picture on the front porch.

After school we took her on a shopping spree.
She was in HEAVEN.
And took her sweet time picking out things she wanted.
These two beauties made the list.
A giant giraffe head now hangs in her room.

Due to work and other circumstances, her party is in a few weeks.
It's a small family party.
Nothing too big.
And I am having it in my house.

Which will have no kitchen.

Because I am crazy.

I was hoping for nice weather so we could grill out, cause it will be May 3rd for crying out loud.
Supposed to be 60 and rainy.
Of course.

Big News #2

I am getting a new kitchen!

My house was built in 1939.
I am going for a modern 50's look.  Kinda.
Think white cabinets, dark counters, black and white (or gray and white) tiled floors.

Here is a single before shot.

Let's look at all the hideousness in this picture, shall we.

Press board cabinets.
A college sized fridge.
A floor that won't come clean.
Press board cabinets.
Appliances from 1974.
Half of which don't work.
Press board cabinets.

Chris and I finally decided that our starter house is going to be our forever house.
But NOT with this kitchen.
So we are biting the bullet and going whole hog.

Appliances will be moved.
(In the above pick, where the oven is, is where the normal sized fridge is going, and where the fridge is will be a ginormous pantry. A pantry!  With storage!)

A hole will be cut in the wall leading into the dining room.
We were going to tear the whole thing down, but:
#1: It's insanely expensive.
#2: I don't want to lose my cove ceiling in the dining room.
So we are going to have a great big cut-out, with bar stools on the dining room side.

There is also a toilet right off the kitchen.
It's the smallest bathroom you have ever seen.
We are getting rid of it.
And putting in a small mud room instead.
And putting a full bathroom in the basement, which is where our family room is.
Are we crazy for taking away our only 1st floor bathroom?
But I never let guests use it anyway.
And Chris can't even sit down in there.
That's how small it is.
But tell me I am not crazy for getting rid of our only 1st floor bathroom!
I am freaking out about that a bit.

Am I excited for the new kitchen?

Am I nervous?
Who knows what they are going to find behind those walls???
What are the added expenses going to be?
What if my house falls down?

Am I dreading the month with no kitchen?

But I am mostly excited.
Work starts Monday.

After pics to come.  

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Kate said...

Practice your breathing techniques now. As someone that has been renovating an old farmhouse for 8 months, all I can say is breathe! Ha. When you get stages done it is so worth it. :)