Tuesday, July 2, 2013

can i have some cheese shets?

Photo: 2 in one day! #toothlesswonder #enjoyingthesmallthings

I have been waiting for this moment since the day she was born.
My little toothless wonder.

I went to pick her up from camp last Friday and she came running up to me all closed mouthed yet smiley.

When she smiled, her little toothers were gone!
2 in one day!
Apparently, a little girl in camp has a mom for a dentist and coached Ellie through pulling them out.

Thank goodness!
(They were at that gross, really dangly, discolored stage.)

We talked about it and I high fived her.
But was slightly disappointed in her lack of speech impediment.

Then she got in the car and asked for some Cheez-its.
"Mom?  Can I have some cheezshets?"

I burst out laughing.
There it was! 
The funny sounding esses!

She laughed too and we spent the rest of the trip home finding funny things for her to say.

I love Jeshus!
Shelly shells sheshells by the sheshore!

7 might be my favorite age so far.

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