Wednesday, June 19, 2013

what i know for sure: things i am loving right now

Well would you look at that.

2 days in a row.

I'm a rockstar.

Here's what I''m loving these days:
Ice cream dinners.
 Ellie's outfits.
They are beautiful disasters.

My husband.
He somehow looks better now than he ever ever has.
He is HOT.
Cool breezes through the bedroom window at night.
The fact that Downton Abbey season 3 is now on Amazon Prime.
No less than 12 books on my nightstand.
Love the pixie haired blond girl.
And I love that I have to save it to watch with E.
Girl is obsessed.
Sunny afternoons and flip flop tan lines.
Planning a patio.
Grilled food.
Fresh Fork.
This is our local CSA and so far I am VERY impressed.
Robin egg blue nail polish.
And the fact that Ellie can paint them for me.
Fantastic babysitters.

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