Wednesday, May 8, 2013

stuff and things

I can't seem to get my stuff together lately.
Know what I mean?

My house is always dusty.
There are always clothes crumpled in the dryer.
There is always a trail of kitty food from the bag to his bowl.
I can't seem to remember to scoop the litter boxes.
Don't even get me started on Ellie's room.
It got so bad, she cleaned it herself, without being asked.
Let me repeat that.
She cleaned it herself, without being asked.

I think I am crazy.
Or lazy.

I am getting lots of walks in.
Homework is getting done.
I have read a book.
I am asleep most nights by 10 pm.
I have discovered two new recipes that are freaking delicious.

We have lots of fun travel coming up in the next few weeks.
Niagara Falls.
Home for the fair.


I may even go crazy and take pictures and post them on here.

Other than that, we are just working and playing and loving.
But definitely not cleaning.

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