Monday, March 11, 2013


We have had bonafide sunshine here in the Cleve.
I was beginning to think I may never see it again.
 It's my least favorite season.
Or my favorite season.
I can't tell which.
God Bless the Cadbury Cream Egg.
 We got good news.
No bump removal for a while.
Watching and waiting.
Ellie was so disappointed.
 We explored a new bridge.
Ellie took her bike and biked some.
I "ran."
I have another half marathon in June.
What in cadbury cream egg was I thinking??
 Ellie has decided to skip 7 and 8 altogether and look 9.
At least in this outfit.
Please pardon her messy hair.
She is allergic to brushing it.
She started an after school art program.
She loves it.
Here we have the Mona Lisa.
And an armadillo.
 And a wolf.
It's not awful that I go to the grocery whilst she's there.
It's a win/win really.
So that's about it.
Not much excitement happening around these parts.
Unless you want to talk blistered butts to do mollescum treatment?
Or that fact that my car was so filthy that I didn't even want to get in it?
We (and by we, I mean Chris) cleaned it out for me this weekend.
Um, that's it.
That's all I've got.
Happy Monday night!

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Lisa Lach said...

Cadbury Creme Eggs are TOTALLY worth it! I love them too :)