Wednesday, February 27, 2013

did you know?

Did you know:
That mozzarella cheese and grapefruit are besties?
 Photo: Fresh mozzarella on grapefruit. Broiled til melty. Plain ones have brown sugar. Weird or genius?
Did you know:
That my best friend turned 36 last week?
 Photo: Chris is 36 today. Happy birthday babe.
Did you know:
That mom's like oreo's for after school snacks too?
 Photo: After school snack for mom.
Did you know:
That little girl Sperry's are even cuter than big girl Sperry's?
 Photo: Ellie's first Sperrys. It's a big day.
Did you know:
That wellness programs at work which provide fresh fruit can be lifesavers to those of us that forget lunch?
 Photo: On days I forget my lunch, I am especially thankful for our wellness program at work, which provides fresh fruit.
Did you know:
That coming across something your mother wrote before she died will cause 5:45am sobbing at the dining room table?
Photo: For Anson R Thompson. Hope you can read it.
Did you know:
A winter hike in the woods is just about the best thing ever?
Photo: 50 degrees = a hike in the woods.
Did you know:
I love this man?
Photo: Date night. Birthday celebrating, no kids allowed. 


1 comment:

C. Beth said...

I am curious about this cheese and grapefruit thing. Honestly it sounds very weird but I'd totally be willing to try it....