Monday, February 22, 2010

dear chris

Dear Chris,

Happy Birthday! I just wanted you to know how very much I love you and to thank you for all the wonderful things you do for me and Ellie. You are the best husband and the best daddy in the whole world.

Can you believe that we have officially been together for over half our lives now? It seems like just yesterday I was cheering for you on the basketball court or you were picking me up for prom.

Since those early years we have seen a lot of really really good times and a few really hard times. All of it has made us who we are and we are stronger for it. We are the best couple I know. Maybe it is because we have been together since the dawn of time. Or maybe it is because we are just made to be together. I don't really care why. I am just so glad you are mine.

You really are my very best friend and I can NOT imagine my life without you in it.

I love you. Enjoy your day!


PS. I promise to make you something better than minestrone soup for dinner tonight.


Shannon said...

What a sweet post!! Happy birthday, Chris!

C. Beth said...

Awww. That is totally sweet. :)

forever folding laundry said...

So sweet. Isn't it great when you not only love your hubby, but *like* him as well? Congrats, and happy birthday to your hubby!