Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another wintry day at the zoo

It warmed up to a balmy 28 degrees so Ellie and I bundled up and headed to the zoo for our annual "wintry day at the zoo."

It really is neat. We were like 2 of 18 people there. And the animals really cooperate. We saw: the lions fight, the wolf sisters (who never come out!), a baby tree kangaroo, the polar bear swimming, and a gorilla eat his own poo. We also spent about an hour in the dark watching the sharks swim. We just sat and talked and watched. I will always remember that. It was one of "those moments." There is this huge ugly fish that is in with the sharks and every time he would surface to where we could see him, Ellie would scream and giggle. She is terrified of that ugly fish. She wants the sharks to eat it. "Someone should tell the sharks that he would make a good lunch mommy."

The lions. I think she was feeling frisky, cause she kept trying to seduce him and he wanted NONE of it.

Ellie demonstrating how cold it was.

Pretty birds

Ellie on a rock. What is it with kids and rocks? or ledges? or fences?

A little fire. We have been having these lately and they are nice!

A good day indeed.

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C. Beth said...

That sounds awesome. :) It reminds me of a rainy day we spent at Disneyland when I was a kid. Yes, some of the rides closed down, but the ones that were open didn't have long lines--I remember we even got to ride Dumbo twice in a row without getting back in line!