Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Summer is just getting right by me.
I don't like that.

Time goes so dang fast.
Why does it have to do that?

I mean, I sneezed and it was the end of July.

My girl and I,
we have struggled a bit this summer.
She wants me home.
I want me home.

But it is just not in the cards.

So before I forget,
I want to remember her how she is.
Right this very moment.

She is funny.
Good gravy that girl makes me laugh.

Her hair is never fully brushed.
Never Ever.
Drives me nuts.

Nothing she wears matches.

She loves baby polar bear.
And barbies.
And her scooter.
And ice cream.

She is good at softball.
Like, good.
Her little arm is still not strong enough to throw it very far, but watch out when it is.
She is on a co-ed 6-10 year old team.
10 year old boys on her team.
I'm not scared anymore.
She can hold her own.
She lifts her chin up when she strikes out.
She wants to cry.
But doesn't.
Cause there's no crying in baseball.

She is convinced she will be the first female American Ninja Warrior.
And we never miss an episode.

She's excited for school.
But mostly cause it means new shoes.
Lord help me.

She is so pretty.
And I struggle not to tell her every single time I look at her.
It's a fine line.
Wanting her to know how gorgeous she is.
But wanting her not to care at all.

She is so strong!
She can do things I could never do.
Shimmy up a rope.
One armed push-ups.
Girlfriend is fierce!

She is sensitive.
To the point of distraction.
This worries me to no end.
Her feelings get hurt so easily.
Just like mine do.
And I know how hard that is.

She is almost half way through 7.
I like 7.
I like that she wants to be around me.
I'm not sure how much longer that is going to last.
 I like her.
That will last forever.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

can i have some cheese shets?

Photo: 2 in one day! #toothlesswonder #enjoyingthesmallthings

I have been waiting for this moment since the day she was born.
My little toothless wonder.

I went to pick her up from camp last Friday and she came running up to me all closed mouthed yet smiley.

When she smiled, her little toothers were gone!
2 in one day!
Apparently, a little girl in camp has a mom for a dentist and coached Ellie through pulling them out.

Thank goodness!
(They were at that gross, really dangly, discolored stage.)

We talked about it and I high fived her.
But was slightly disappointed in her lack of speech impediment.

Then she got in the car and asked for some Cheez-its.
"Mom?  Can I have some cheezshets?"

I burst out laughing.
There it was! 
The funny sounding esses!

She laughed too and we spent the rest of the trip home finding funny things for her to say.

I love Jeshus!
Shelly shells sheshells by the sheshore!

7 might be my favorite age so far.