Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in randomness

I thought I would try something different.
I didn't look at what photos I was choosing and thought I would recap our year in whichever photos came up.
Fun, right?
Januray:  Baby Polar Bear at breakfast.
Just one of our many weekend family breakfasts. 
He is always present.
He likes bacon.
 February:  A quick trip.
We took a quicky trip to Columbus to Cosi.
Ellie's favorite part, was, by far, the pool.
It wreaked havoc on her hair and eyes.
It was soooooo chlorinated.
 March:  Sock Hop
She is cute all the time.
But she was especially cute this day.
 April:  Her 6th birthday.
A fun tea party indeed.
Then she fell down the stairs and we had to go to the hospital for a ct scan.
 May:  Her beloved monkey bars arrived.
You should see this kid on the monkey bars.
She is like a, well, a monkey!
And Chris and I nearly got divorced putting that sucker together.
 June:  A cookout.
One of the many fun cookouts we went on this year.
And I thought Chris was thin then.
Have you seen my incredible shrinking husband?
He is HOT!
 July:  A walk in the woods.
We take lots of walks in the woods and hikes.
We loves it.
Yes.  Loves.
 August: A playground.
With the amount of playgrounds we frequent, I am surprised all the pictures weren't of playgrounds.
 September: Hoosier Kitty.
We lost our girl this year.
She wasn't a lover.
But she was still ours.
 October: Pumpkin stuff.
I love October.
Every little thing about it.
November:  Emerson.
We met our baby cousin!
I have decided to call her Sunny.
Mostly cause Mark hates it.
She is the sweetest thing!
 December: Family photo on Christmas Eve.
It's blurry.
I look hideous.
But is sums us up pretty well.
I love these two to the moon and back.
It was a great year.
Full of love and new adventures and health and happiness.
I can only hope that 2013 is just as great!
Happy New Year!

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C. Beth said...

Love this! Such a beautiful family.